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2019 Feb 22nd - March 9th Positive Sportsmanship Reports

2019 NCJLA Positive Sportsmanship Reports Feb 22nd - March 9th 


02/22/19 B14Br Folsom Player, Great Player Sportsmanship 

During the Boys 14UBr game between El Dorado Hills and Folsom, the center attack for Folsom exemplified great sportsmanship by shaking the EDH players hands, letting them know they made good plays and even telling them “good job”. He represents an amazing culture established by his whole team. Great job Folsom Lacrosse! 


02/24/19 Coach Tressa Bronner, PYL G14B, Great Coach Sportsmanship 

Coach Tressa Bronner from the Petaluma River Cats G14Bv showed very impressive coaching skills at the Patelco Play Day. She was the only coach for her team that day. She had some new players who were struggling to understand not only how to play lacrosse but also trying to figure out what the officials were saying. Her calmness, knowledge and positivity were outstanding. She was clear and direct with her players but also able to say what she needed to say in a very simple and focused manner. Her players hung on her every word. Her interactions with her them was amazing to watch. Great job Coach Tressa! 


02/24/19 - Coach Sherri Osmond, San Ramon Raptor G12Bv, Great Coach Sportsmanship 

A great, big, sportsmanship shout-out to the G12Bv Coach, Sherri Osmond, from the San Ramon Raptor Lacrosse Club! She and her team loaned a goalie stick to the Lamorinda Club during the Patelco Play Day. Additionally, Coach Sherri showed great empathy and gratitude by donating a delicious box of Girls Scout Cookies to the Officials to thank them for their time and efforts during a very long training day. 


03/02/19 - Elk Grove and Gold Country Boys Varsity Teams, Great Coach and Team Sportsmanship 

During the Boys Varsity Gold Country vs Elk Grove game both teams, coaches and players displayed excellent sportsmanship and respect to each other and to the officials. They truly honored the game! 


3/2/19 Coach Dustin Mark, G12Bv Novato, Coach Sam Kaplan, G12Bv Napa – Great Coach Sportsmanship and Great Team Sportsmanship 

The Southern Marin Timber Wolves team is very appreciative and wants to thank both coaches, Dustin and Sam, and the G12B teams from Novato and Napa for showing great sportsmanship and cooperation.  


03/03/19 Coach Colleen NiklausSanta Cruz Warriors G14A, Great Coach Sportsmanship and Conduct 

Coach Colleen Niklaus showed great poise on the sidelines this weekend. She demonstrated a style of coaching full of patience and calmness. She sets a great example by allowing her players to play hard and make decisions for themselves as 14A teams should be ready and able to do. Her cool, calm, and quiet sideline was quite impressive. Great job! 


03/03/19 - Coaches Kelly French and Jennifer MurphyPleasanton G14A, Great Coach and Team Sportsmanship 

The Coaches and Players form Sacramento Stingers G14A team want to give big props to the Pleasanton G14A coaches, Kelly French and Jennifer Murphy and their Pleasanton Pride 14UA players for being incredibly supportive of her Sacramento Stingers joining the A division this year. The Pleasanton athletes demonstrated great sportsmanship. The Sacramento players walked away being thanked for playing them, traveling to their field, and for their efforts. Great job Pleasanton Pride! 


3/9/2019 Coach Andrea LinDiablo Scorpion Venom G12Bv, Great Coach Sportsmanship and Conduct 

Great job Coach Andrea <span class="SpellingError SCXW12799343 BCX0" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; user-select: text; -webkit-user-drag: none; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: left bottom; background-image: url(" data:image="" gif;base64,r0lgodlhbqaeajecap="" 8aaaaaaaaaach5baeaaaialaaaaaafaaqaaaiilgaxcchrtcgaow="=&quot;);" border-bottom:="" 1px="" solid="" transparent;="" background-color:="" inherit;"="">LIn. You’ve been recognized! The officials caught you being patient, encouraging and supportive of your team from the sidelines. With almost no fouls reported, you clearly have taught your defenders to play excellent and legal defense!  


3/9/2019 Coach Lexi Lauer and the Chico Rebels GHS TeamGreat Coach and Team Sportsmanship 

Coach Lexi Lauer and her GHS Chico Rebels Lacrosse team showed real class! After their game against the GHS Morgan Hill Clovers, the Chico players presented the coaches and players with a very heartfelt, signed card saying how much they enjoy playing them. The card also mentioned how sorry they were to hear that the Clovers lost their team mascot, Buckner the Dog (he passed away in May 2018), and lastly congratulating the Clovers coaches (husband and wife duo), on the news of a baby on the way. The Rebels also presented Clovers Coach Amber with a bouquet of flowers. Coach Amber reports that this was the classiest and the most all-around caring gestures she’s experienced as a coach. 

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2018 Delegates Meeting

Thank you to all that attended the 2018 Delegates meeting in September. For your reference, click here to view the meeting's slide presentation.

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