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24. Drone Policy

The FAA rules concerning the operation of drones are as follows:

“Small unmanned aircraft (drones) may not operate over any persons not directly participating in the operation, not under a covered structure, and not inside a covered stationary vehicle.”

Click here for more information: https://www.faa.gov/uas/media/Part_107_Summary.pdf

Therefore, it is illegal to fly a drone in an unsafe manner (directly over the playing area) at an athletic event (game/scrimmage) being played outside, or inside of a gymnasium.

Proper procedure:

  1. If asked, the officials are to deny permission for the individual to fly a drone over the field of play at a game or scrimmage.

  2. If the officials notice a drone being flown over the game or scrimmage, they are to stop the event and confer with the home team head coach and sideline manager.

  3. The sideline manager and home team coach are responsible for ensuring the drone is grounded before play resumes.

  4. If it is unknown who is responsible for flying the drone, the sideline manager may call the local police department to report the unsafe act / incident and to ask for the police to respond to the site.

The event shall not resume until the drone is no longer being flown over the field where the event is being held.

Clubs are encouraged to inform their membership of the FAA rules regarding drones. For questions or concerns please contact the NCJLA Executive Director at execdirector@ncjla.org.

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