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Welcome to our Boys NCJLA Home Page.  Here you will find the latest news and information regarding our boys program.  It will also contain a monthly questionaire that will provide us with valuable feedback to improve our organization.

Thank you for visiting.

Chris Gehrke
NCJLA Director of Boys Lacrosse

Boys News

- Monthly Boys Representative Meetings - Schedule will be released in December 2018

- USLacrosse and the NFHS have officially released their 2019 boys lacrosse rules changes.   We would like your feedback on the adoption of any new rules as we review them for the NCJLA 2019 season.  Please send an email to by September 28th.

Boys Questionnaire - Click Here to submit your answer

Do you provide coaching notes to your child on the ride home after a game?

  • Absolutely, that’s the best time to point out how they can improve, while its still fresh on their mind.
  • Sometimes, depending on how they are feeling or if they won or lost.
  • Not really, they usually don’t want to talk about the game right after.
  • Never, I give them time to decompress and only discuss the game if they lead the conversation.