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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA) Seasonal Operations Guide.  This guide will provide useful information relevant to member clubs fielding teams during the regular spring season. 


In order to establish player registration fees, clubs need to know what the team registration fees will be to the NCJLA per team, and the officials’ fees per game for the coming season.  Changes to fees for the following season will be posted to the NCJLA website by late August to give clubs time to incorporate NCJLA fees into their budgets.

Team registration and assessments

Team registration opens October 7th and closes at the end of day December 8, 2013 for boys and girls teams.  Clubs register teams via the NCJLA website.  Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration or by check, which must be mailed within seven days after registration or the team registration will be cancelled. 

Fees by division

NCJLA charges fees per team based on division. Division refers to gender, age level, and competitive level. (Example: Girls U15A is a “division.”)  The registration fees include a base fee for each team plus an assessment for those age levels that participate in season-end play, festivals or playoffs.  Girls youth teams also have an assessment for the season kick-off event, “Girls Play Day.”  Click here for the current season registration fees per team. 


Boys’ age levels are HS varsity, HS junior varsity, U15, U13, U11, U11-7v7, and U9; girls’ age levels are HS, U15, U13, U11, and U9.  NCJLA uses codes for the age levels: BVar, BJV, B15, etc… or GHS, G15, G13, etc…


At some age levels teams are further divided into A, B, and C depending on the level of player experience on each team, and the number of teams at an age level within the club.  


Click here for more information on how to determine which competitive levels to field teams.

Per-game fees for officials

In addition to team registration fees, Clubs pay officials’ fees to the NCJLA per games scheduled.  These fees cover the expense of having officials at every game.  Clubs pay fees per game to the NCJLA, which then treats it as a pass-through and pays the officials’ organizations for referees or umpires.  The fees collected per game not only cover the fees paid to the officials, they also cover assigning fees, travel and the administrative expenses of the officials’ organizations.  The NCJLA Treasurer emails invoices to club treasurers in mid-February.  These fees are due to the NCJLA by March 1.  Click here for the current season fees per game.  Clubs should keep track of the games and officials fees as the season progresses, and will be given an opportunity to request a refund for games that were cancelled, as long as they were cancelled within the guidelines established under game cancellation.

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