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7. Team Registration

Team registration opens the first Saturday in October. The deadline to register boys and girls teams with the NCJLA for the season is the first Friday in December 11:00pm PST. In order to register teams clubs will need to determine which competitive levels to field teams.  Click here for playing level guidelines. Click here for the current season registration fees per team. Click here for detailed instructions on how to register a team. 

Consequences and process for team withdrawal

If a club withdraws a team from the NCJLA after the withdrawal deadline, registration fees will not be returned, and the club may be placed on provisional probation for a length of time to be determined by the board of directors.  See NCJLA’s bylaws for more on provisional probation.

Withdrawal Deadlines:

Between first Saturday in October and first Friday in December 11:00pm (PST) - no penalty for withdrawal.
After first Saturday in December 11:00pm (PST) - no fee refunded.

NCJLA Player Scholarship Application 

The NCJLA has a scholarship program that can reimburse clubs up to 50% of the reduced fees offered to families who have an approved financial application request on file with their club. Clubs need to have a current, working, established financial aid policy that is made publicly available to all club families. Each year, the NCJLA Board approves a budget for financial aid reimbursement for the upcoming season. Click here for the program scholarship application form.


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