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11. Submitting Team Rosters

Team Rosters
Boys and girls team rosters listing players, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers can be submitted anytime up to the second Saturday in February. Rosters may be resubmitted with updates after the mid-February deadline. Rosters must be full, complete, and accurate, with jersey numbers and zip codes before games start.

If a team’s roster is not complete or accurate in the NCJLA system within 72 hours of the team’s first NCJLA game, the game will be cancelled, due to the significant liability to the club and the league.  All rosters must include US Lacrosse numbers for every player.

Roster Submission Instructions

The NCJLA provides a roster spreadsheet template with the required fields.  Here is the link to instructions on loading rosters:  How do I prepare our team rosters to be loaded on the NCJLA website?   And the link for the roster template.

If your club has a League Athletics website you can send your rosters via your club website. Here is the link: http://ncjla.org/Page.asp?n=75277&org=ncjla.org. Email addresses are required for every player.  If a parent or player does not have an email address, use the coach’s or team manager’s email address in that field.

US Lacrosse Membership

For insurance purposes, the NCJLA requires that all players, coaches and assistant coaches be members of US Lacrosse through the end of the season. These membership numbers must be included for every player and coach on the roster.  Clubs tend to collect US Lacrosse membership information in one of three ways:

1. They require players to register directly with US Lacrosse then submit their membership number to their club registrar. 

2. Clubs who use League Athletics for registration can build in automatic US Lacrosse membership at the time players register, so they are registering for the club and with US Lacrosse at the same time.  (The NCJLA highly recommends this approach.)

3. Clubs format a group membership registration form with all player and coach information and submit that to US Lacrosse for group processing. (Be advised this process can take between two to four weeks, so plan accordingly.)

Click here for more on US Lacrosse membership.

Bollinger Insurance provides coverage via US Lacrosse membership.

Roster Changes, Late Additions, Jersey Number Updates 

New players, jersey numbers, additional coaches, and assistant coaches can be added by completing and submitting the Team Member import template to webmaster@ncjla.orgClick here for instructions.  Submit roster changes to NCJLA no less than 72 hours before a game.

Rosters will be "locked" as of April 1.  After that date any changes to a roster must be approved by the NCJLA Board of Directors via a petition. Send roster petition detail to the NCJLA executive director, email execdirector@ncjla.org.


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