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13. Officials

Girls officials are called umpires; boys officials are called referees.  Clubs are strongly encouraged to have one certified official per team in their organization.  The NCJLA helps coordinate training. To learn more about becoming an official contact the boys and girls officials organizations directly, website links below.  Two officials are scheduled per game.  Each team pays fees per game to cover the expense of the officials’ time, approved travel, assigning and administrative fees.  Boys varsity teams may opt to have three referees at their games.  If both teams agree, then the cost is split between them.  If one team wants three and the other team wants two, then the team who wants three can opt to pay the entire additional cost for the third referee.

Officials are assigned to games via a website called, an assigning tool.  An official NCJLA Scheduler, one or more for the girls program, and one for the boys program, works as the interface between the NCJLA and the official’s organization.  The NCJLA Scheduler will input all games to Arbiter, and send instructions to clubs on how to go into Arbiter and find their officials for each game. Go to for more information.  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for current assigners’ contact information.

Click here on how to find Officials for your scheduled games.

Click here on how to evaluate Officials on games that you attended.



Girls Umpires 

The NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse Umpire Committee assigns NCJLA youth and HS games ( 


Each club is to send two NEW adult and two new junior umpires each year to the Junior Umpire Training along with any returning umpires.  In areas where there are umpire shortages, your club may be asked to send more than two umpires to the training.  This is training for NCJLA games only.  It consists of one classroom training in February and field training at the NCJLA Umpire Play day.  For more information see NorCal Umpire Committee website 


Boys Referees 
The Northern California Lacrosse Referees Association fields referees for all NCJLA boys games.  


How to become an official 
Girls, go to: 



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