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21. US Lacrosse Festival and National Teams and Off-Season Travel Teams

The NCJLA encourages interested players and coaches to pursue additional lacrosse activities as long as they do not interfere with a player or coach’s NCJLA spring season practices or games.

The NCJLA provides a listing of off-season camps, clinics, and tournaments as a courtesy to our members. They are additional lacrosse opportunities for players in the off-season only. The NCJLA does not approve of any organization that promotes non-NCJLA lacrosse programs that conflict with regular spring season NCJLA teams’ games or practices. The NCJLA is not responsible for the actions, processes, or procedures of any organization providing tournaments, clinics, camps, travel teams, their staff, or their administration.

The NCJLA in conjunction with the NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse evaluates, selects, and endorses head coaches and or their organization for US Lacrosse U15 National events only. The NCJLA no longer selects, recommends or endorses coaches for US Lacrosse Festival events.

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